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DataFab announces Audio/Video Ingenious Recorder For PSP™
Taipei, Taiwan, August 31, 2005 - DataFab Systems Inc. is pleased to introduce the AVIR series - Audio / Video Ingenious Recorder for Sony's PlayStation™ Portable (PSP™ ).

PSP™ is the hottest handheld game in 2005, and in high demand in Asia and US. DataFab has innovated three accessories to further enhance PSP™ capabilities and usage. AVIR devices convert and/or record clips into PSP™ compatible media format. Video and images recorded at memorable occasions can be shown instantly on the PSP™ screen. Left-out themes will be captured on site and memories of these events will be treasured forever. No more missing clips or regrettable moments afterward.

AVIR-01 is a stand alone Recorder, capable of recording and converting clips from DSC/ DV, TV, DVD player, Hi8, or D8 directly into PSP™ compatible media format ( Memory Stick Video Format ). Equipped with RCA jacks ( for AV-in ), images and audio are downloaded and transferred anywhere and anytime. Embedded with control buttons, user may record, play, and select files. Volume adjustment, NTSC/PAL, and more are available on the remote control. AVIR-01 will be available in the market on October 30, 2005. The suggested selling price is US$110.

Media clips from DSC/DV, TV, DVD player, Hi8, or D8 can be recorded and converted through AVIR-02's application software. Equipped with two audio and one video jacks, clips are transferred to the inserted Memory Stick Duo™ and uploaded to a PC/notebook via USB cable. The application software installed in a PC/notebook will convert clips into PSP™ compatible format. AVIR-02 will be available in the market on September 25, 2005. The suggested selling price is US$55.

Expanded from the concept of being a single slot card reader/writer, AVIR-03 is the entry product to DataFab's PSP™ accessories. Media clips are converted via application software on a PC/notebook. Converted clips saved on Memory Stick DUO™ can be playbacked instantly on PSP™ screen. AVIR-03 will be released on September 30, 2005. The suggested selling price is US$15.

DataFab's AVIR devices will be marketed globally. Compact and light-weighted! AVIRs are also Memory Stick PRO™ DUO ( 4-bit ) and Memory Stick DUO™ card readers/writers. These sleek and fashionable devices offer perfect entertainment to be shared with families and friends. Portability and accessibility make PSP™ an action-packed and fun-fed item to bring along.
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