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The First xD Certified USB 2.0 xD Picture Card ™ Reader/Writer From Taiwan!
Taipei, Taiwan, February 5, 2004 - DataFab Systems Inc. is overjoyed to announce the first USB 2.0 single-slot xD-Picture Card™ reader/writer. MEx-USB2 is the foremost reader/writer, manufactured by a Taiwanese company, to receive xD certification in the country. The xD logo was awarded to DataFab's MEx-USB2 in January, 2004. DataFab, an xD Licensee since May 2003, is authorized by xD Office to manufacture xD devices.

MEx-USB2 features the followings,
  • Exclusive Technology! Reads & writes xD-Picture Cards.
  • Outstanding Performance!! Capable of processing up to 2GB.
  • Unique Feature!!! MEx-USB2 reads and writes when the lid is in the close position. The transmitting operation will terminate immediately if the lid is lifted. The special feature is to protect the xD card and its data.

    MEx-USB2 offers high speed transfer rate ( up to 480Mpbs ), and requires no driver for WIN 2000/ME/XP. The unit is bus-powered and definitely compatible with PCs and Macs. Truly plug and play!
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