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DataFab demos Finger Print reader and much more at CES 2006
Taipei, Taiwan, December 12, 2005 - DataFab Systems Inc. would like to invite you to our booth at CES 2006 (January 5 - 8), Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. Our booth is located at Las Vegas Convention Center - South 4, Booth # 36824.

With the numbers of passwords used to access various personal accounts and confidential documents, keeping track of passwords has become a task of its own. Distinct biological trait offers instant access to password-guarded accounts and prevent invasion of privacy. To retrieve data, Finger Print Reader, Finger Print UFD, and Finger Print Enclosure requires the successful swipe of registered finger print. Finger print UFD may be upgraded from a reader by adding flash memory as an optional accessory. Finger print enclosure is a portable hard disk requiring finger print to access or download data.

DataFab’s Audio/Video Ingenious Recorder (AVIR-01) is a stand alone device to record and convert clips directly into PSP™ - compatible media format (Memory Stick Video Format). Without any PC or software, video and images from TV, DVD player, Hi8, or D8 are recorded and playbacked instantly on PSP™ or TV. Recorded clips can be viewed anywhere and anytime. AVIR-01 is the best companion to bring along and entertainment to share with friends and families.

More exciting products are also available at our booth.

Flash card readers/writers (multi/single-slot): 25 in 1, 24 in 1, 17 in 1, and 7 in 1.

Flash card adapters: 11 in 1 PCMCIA/CardBus, 17 in 1 CompactFlash™ , and 8 in 1 ExpressCard adapters

FlashPlayer™ : FP2LG, FP4, and FP4EG as well as HDTV embedded readers

OTG DataBank: OTG and OTG Enclosure

Internal card readers/writer: 25 in 1 and 23 in 1
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